Voice Training

Voice Training


Nerves are normal and in fact helpful, direction will be given to channel the adrenaline produced to present in a confident and articulate manner.


Focus will be given to the structure of each presentation. By clarifying the individuals comfort zone and language use – content strength can be increased and the substance of the piece can then be presented in a concise, succinct manner.

The Message

Using impactful presentation techniques we will ensure maximum absorption of “the take-home message” by your audience.

Autocue Use

If required we can direct and guide presenters in the use of autocue so that it becomes a natural and comfortable experience for both presenter and audience.


Building a rapport with the audience is the focus here - ‘it’s not what you say it’s how you say it’. Body language and the use of gesture will all be explored.


“Booth Camp” – Group Engagement Training

This group training focuses on ways to draw out the best performance from your Exhibition Booth team. Whether it be guiding Medical Reps in the tough repetitive face to face art of engagement during a 6 hour stint on a booth, or developing relationships and support within a Sales & Marketing software Exhibition Team, Booth Camp covers all bases. Specifically it will ensure your team feel empowered, guided and prepared for the event, but will above all improve the overall outcome & profitability of your teams’ time on the stand.

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“It was great! Staff very happy, liked the motivational part, it Got people engaged, Overall feeling from staff was ‘I’m part of this, I can make a difference!’’. - Daiichi Sankyo


“Somebody needs to bottle some of whatever that young lady radiates – they’d make a small fortune….”  

MD - Rileys Pool & Snooker